♡ Welcome to my husbando's shrine ♡

I inflate my coat...
feeling this hugging pressure
my heart fills with joy

❧ About Gadget ☙

Augustin Tamare was once an ordinary man, but years ago he was the victim of a bad banana slipping accident. With the help of advanced technology, he was fused with various electronics: Inspector Gadget was born. After his niece's parents were killed by MAD, he eventually became Penny's parental guardian.
Fun fact: his Japanese name is Gajetto Keibu.

His official YouTube page

My esoteric analysis of Gadget

❧ Why Gadget is moe to me ☙

I am unashamed to express my fixation towards his inflatable coat, because that's the special trait which makes so moe to my eyes! In a plaussible AU of our reality where he would be a young female, my love for his female counterpart would nevertheless be the same. Just to be clear: I would never have sex with them in both realities. He's simply a male version of the dojikko archetype whom happens to show exasperation when his special clothes gets destroyed... I'm just here to protect him so he can peacefully be in "thicc mode" ;3

❧ Why I relate to him ☙

tbh I have autism (Asperger's Syndrome). My family is still unsure if my condition was caused by an accidental health problem or was an inborn trait which appeared later on in my early childhood. But nevertheless, my brain works differently than the norm. Likewise, some fans theorize that Gadget's mental acuity suffered as a side-effect of the surgery which gave his technological powers.

❧ Our songs ☙

MINE: "Love you like a love song" -- Selena Gomez & The Scene
HIS: "I'll be your everything" (movie version) -- Youngstown

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