♡ Gadget's esoteric stuff ♡

❧ His astrological chart ☙

❧ His "birth" tarot card ☙

❧ His numerology ☙

His "life path" number is 33 (1+2+9+1+9+8+3=33)

❧ How I see the original series... ☙

If you take the original episodes of season 1 (not counting the pilot), you'll get 64: the number of individual IChing symbols and the number of squares on a chess board. If you add the pilot with the episodes of season 2, you'll get 22: the number of major arcana cards in the tarot.

❧ Other stuff ☙

His MBTI is ENFP and his Harry Potter House is Gryffindor

His "card of illumination" is the Queen of Clubs

His "Human Design" chart (PDF download)

Inspired by Decode Your Reality on YouTube

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